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Our Range of Standard, Heavy Duty and Uprated Compatible Heritage Car Springs

Woodstock Springs has the knowledge and expertise to produce one of the largest range of leaf springs for most of the British Classic Cars.

Our Springs range is available for all markets and ours is the most cost effective solution to the supply of Classic Car Springs in The UK and global markets.

High Quality with great price to all your suspension parts in the Classic Car market which includes leaf springs, bushes, U bolts.

Springs are products at all times to the nearest or better specifications to fit todays market.

Woodstock Springs are also produced for all your Racing and Rallying applications which highlights the quality and durability of our product.

All kinds of springs can be built as we design, refurbish old springs and try to solve each of your individual problems.

Below is our range of Heritage Car Leaf Springs. If you cannot see the spring you are looking for please contact us…

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We Serve Most Makes & Models